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Welcome to Ophthalmology Rounds from the Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto and our affiliated teaching hospitals.
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The educational objective of this site and the corresponding published version of Ophthalmology Rounds is to provide interested ophthalmologists and optometrists throughout Canada and around the world with a unique window on some of the most current information and discussion on important scientific and clinical developments in the field of ophthalmic medicine.

The selection of topics is determined solely by the Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences with all editorial content authored and edited by our faculty physicians.

We wish to acknowledge the major commitment to unbiased continuing education within
the ophthalmology community demonstrated by our co-sponsors, Biogen, AbbVie, Apellis, Bayer, Roche and Teva, whose financial support in the form of arm's length educational funding makes Ophthalmology Rounds possible.

Our aim is to assist physicians in keeping abreast of the rapidly evolving changes in ophthalmology. We hope that you find Ophthalmology Rounds to be useful to your practice.

Department of Ophthalmology

and Vision Sciences

Peter Kertes, MD

Professor and Chair

Editor, Ophthalmology Rounds

Valerie Wallace, PhD

Director of Research

The Hospital for Sick Children

Asim Ali, MD


Mount Sinai Hospital

David. B. Yan, MD


Princess Margaret Hospital

(Eye Tumour Clinic)

Hatem Krema, MD

Director, Ocular Oncology Service

St. Michael’s Hospital

David Wong, MD


The John and Liz Tory Eye Centre

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Kenneth Eng, MD


University Health Network

Toronto Western Hospital Division

Robert G. Devenyi, MD



Kensington Eye Institute

Peter Kertes, MD


Peter Kertes, MD
Professor and Chair 
Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences 
Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto 
Ophthalmologist-in-Chief, Kensington Eye Institute

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